Analyze your product feedback

Make the right decision with accurate strategic insights about what features you should spend time and effort on.

Palzin Feedback is a customer feedback software that helps you make decisions by collecting & analyzing product feedback

Know where a specified products feedback came from by building user segment in Palzin Feedback

Analyze product feedback by adding relevant data

By submitting more data to Palzin, we can ensure that the feedback is accurate and helpful and that it's coming from the right source.

  • You can include defined information like your monthly budget, company name, plan, or custom fields relevant to your business.
  • Sort feedback as per Monthly Recurring Revenue impact.
  • Build custom segments modified as per your business.
Know what your premium customer feedback is via segment in Palzin Feedback

Analyze feedback from a particular customer

It's always a good idea to get feedback from all your customers, but you may find the feedback from your most valuable customers could be more relaxed.

  • See inputs from a specific customer segment using a segmentation with custom fields.
  • See where votes are coming from by filtering the post by segment.
In Palzin Feedback you can enable internal note from a customer and keep it private

Researching further will take a small amount of time.

Keeping logs of every request paves the way for an insightful conversation about what you can do together.

  • Use comments to get better insights to clarify the scope of a potential feature.
  • Use private comments to take additional notes and share with internal teams.

How does our feedback tool work?

Collect Feedback

Captures product feedback from your customers.

  • Step 01.

Analyze Feedback

Analyze customer feedback to gain accurate insight.

  • Step 02.

Plan Roadmap

Plans a roadmap to prioritize what to build next.

  • Step 03.

Share Updates

Notify customers about new product features.

  • Step 04.

Palzin Feedback is built to work for everyone. Big or Small, B2B or B2C
We got you covered!

Use customer feedback to build a product your customers will love!