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Awareness of your product's features and engaging customers is critically important to keep them interested.

Embed directly into your product for easy notifications

Product widget

Embed directly into your product for easy notifications

A product changelog takes you to next level from product feature request to announcing new features

Notify user about product  updates with Palzin Feedback a feedback management software

Notify about the new features and increase engagement

Make sure your customer gets notified about every new feature, and with Changelog. Update your customers on your progress to improve your product.

With Palzin Feedback management tool Close the feedback loop to launch in an official product changelog

Close the feedback loop

Transition seamlessly through feedback, analyzing & prioritizing, roadmapping, and finally, to launch in an official product changelog.

Via Palzin Feedback use markdown for changelog to communicate freely with your customers

Communicate freely

When it comes to your brand, stay true to its voice. Our product changelog is able to suit your team’s needs with markdown support and custom labels.

How does our feedback tool work?

Collect Feedback

Captures product feedback from your customers.

  • Step 01.

Analyze Feedback

Analyze customer feedback to gain accurate insight.

  • Step 02.

Plan Roadmap

Plans a roadmap to prioritize what to build next.

  • Step 03.

Share Updates

Notify customers about new product features.

  • Step 04.

Palzin Feedback is built to work for everyone. Big or Small, B2B or B2C
We got you covered!

Use customer feedback to build a product your customers will love!