Keep product feedback centralize

It is not just about collecting data - it's also about knowing how to act on it.

Palzin Feedback is a customer feedback tool that helps you collect product feedback from your customer and team.

Palzin Feedback feature to collect customer feedback in a dedicated board

Know what your customers needs

Collect your feedback publicly or privately on a dedicated board. Know what they think and prioritize your customer needs with the Palzin Feedback management tool to work on popular ideas.

  • Categories similar requests automatically.
  • Pin important comments.
  • Notify everyone with the same idea and enable discussion.
  • Automated updates ensure the closing of the product feedback loop.
Onboard your existing users with Palzin Feedback SSO to gain customer feedback

Connect existing user accounts

By connecting your customers' existing accounts, identify them when they provide feedback - eliminating the need for them to create a separate Palzin account.

  • Install Palzin SSO - It's very easy and simple
  • On a user's profile, see all of their votes and posts.
  • You can add monthly spending, business type, and custom fields.
Know your customer with Palzin Feedback, Collect feedback from various sources

Other sources to collect feedback

You can either manually or automatically collect customer feedback through our integrations - which is valuable for all customer-facing members.

  • Palzin Feedback is a customer feedback tool layer between customer-facing and product teams.
  • Collecting product feedback from all your customers and crew in a single process.

How does our feedback tool work?

Collect Feedback

Captures product feedback from your customers.

  • Step 01.

Analyze Feedback

Analyze customer feedback to gain accurate insight..

  • Step 02.

Plan Roadmap

Plans a roadmap to prioritize what to build next.

  • Step 03.

Share Updates

Notify customers about new product features.

  • Step 04.

Palzin Feedback is built to work for everyone. Big or Small, B2B or B2C
We got you covered!

Use customer feedback to build a product your customers will love!