Use Cases

Learn how you can use Palzin Feedback Platform.

Palzin Feedback is used in several different ways and can benefit business

Request Management

Palzin Feedback can help you keep all feature/bug requests in one organized place. No more feedback scattered across email, social media, spreadsheets, and conversations.

Internal Feedback

Palzin Feedback can be used for feedback by internal teams. Make it your team's single hub for feedback across the company.

Idea Management

Use Palzin Feedback to streamline your idea management process to extract insights and build better products.

Public Roadmap

Make your roadmap public to show off what your team is working on and collect valuable feedback directly from the users.

Product Management

Palzin Feedback is built to collect, organize and utilize feedback by users. With that data, product managers can feel empowered to make decisions that make the most impact.


Palzin Feedback is here to guide the voice of Sales, whether it's by influencing product decisions or strengthen your team's sales processes.

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Discover how 1000's of companies use Palzin Feedback to build products users love to drive customer satisfacation and growth.

" Great product! Takes out the frustration of our old system of spreadsheets, inbox, and a Trello board. "

- Thomas Israel C.E.O

" Thanks to the seamless integration, we were able to gather valuable feedback from our users that helped make our platform what it is today. Try Palzin, you won’t regret it! "

- Barbara McIntosh M.D

" Managing feature and bug requests from our thousands of customers was something we spent a lot of time on. Palzin Feedback has enabled me to focus back on fixing and enhancing our product. "

- Carl Oliver P.A

" Palzin works like a charm! Only after five days of usage we see more than 3000 votes and 500 comments submitted by our users. We are happy like never before. "

- Christa Smith Manager

" Palzin is a member of our team and we can't live without. "

- Dean Tolle Developer

" Palzin Feedback helps us manage all customer feedback at one place. We love how it connects with our software using SSO. "

- Jill Webb Designer

Palzin Feedback is built to work for everyone. Big or Small, B2B or B2C
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