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Shipright alternative

Palzin Feedback is the best Shipright.co alternative

You want a better alternative to Shipright, and we found you one. While Shipright is good enough for few products, it might not necessarily be friendly to your wallet. Here’s why Palzin Feedback is one of the better alternatives to Shipright.


$ 49/month

The more you grow, the more you'll pay.

$ 15/month

Everything (and more) for a better price.

Get more with Better price

Palzin Feedback starts with a plan for just $15 a month. When you need more of our product, we have an unlimited tailored made enterprise plan with best suitable pricing option. With Noora, you'll likely pay a couple of hundred bucks extra for additional feature.

Features you won't find in Shipright

Dark Mode

Custom status labels

Embeddable roadmap

Chrome/Firefox plugins

Default rankings


Multiple Languages


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Palzin Feedback is built to work for everyone. Big or Small, B2B or B2C
We got you covered!

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