Roadmap Widgets

The roadmap widget can be embedded within your website or application, displaying all boards included in the roadmap. This is a great way to keep your stakeholders updated on progress and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Thanks for embedding the roadmap widget!

  • Go to the 'Boards'
  • Click ‘Widget’
  • Copy + Paste the Board Roadmap widget code in your site or application

To ensure that only your users can see the roadmap via the Palzin Feedback widget in your application, you can turn off all public views on the Palzin Feedback domain. Go to 'Settings' -> 'Privacy' -> 'Public view' and select 'OFF'.

User SSO can be enabled for the widget to ensure that your users are automatically logged in.

You can also set up User SSO for the widget to make sure your users are automatically logged in.

Hide roadmap from your homepage

If you want to have your Palzin Feedback Platform homepage with all of your boards linked, but don't want to share the actual roadmap, you can hide it from view.

To remove the roadmap from your Palzin Feedback Platform home:

  • Go to the 'Boards'
  • Click 'Edit' on right side of board you would like to hide
  • Scroll down to 'On Home Page'
  • Click 'NO' to remove and the roadmap will be gone 🙌

Multiple Statues on Roadmap

You can add multiple statuses on your roadmap.

  • Go to Posts->Statuses
  • Click on the edit of the status you want to make public
  • Scroll down to 'AccessType'
  • Select 'PRIVATE' to 'PUBLIC' or 'HIDDEN' to 'PUBLIC'
  • Hit 'Save'

If you want to add additional status columns, click 'ADD NEW STATUS.' This will create a new column that you can customize with a name and color

You can also add default or custom statuses from all of your boards.